Under Sink

Water purification systems that are installed under the counter are probably more popular with house or apartment owners but they have so many advantages over counter top systems. Especially in a kitchen with limited counter space the idea to have everything stored out of sight is appealing.

Another important reason to look for a filter system that stays under the sink is the wider range of technologies available. Certain water quality problems can only be solved with reverse osmosis purification. They require a tank, pipes going in and out and although there are counter-top versions, it will look messy.

The price per gallon may vary but for most systems it ranges around 10 cents and is far more economical than buying bottled water for drinking and cooking.

These systems usually only require your attention every six months for a filter change. Most pitcher or faucet filters need replacements every two to three months.

Compared to whole house purification systems they are a lot cheaper and most can be installed without the need to pay an expensive plumber.