Refrigerator Water Filter

A Refrigerator Water Filter has a lot of advantages. Not only is the purified water cheaper and cleaner than water you buy in bottles, it also saves you space in your fridge for a pitcher or bottles.

You and your family can have fresh tasting cooled drinking water and ice cubes any time.

Installation is easy and can be done without expensive plumbing. If necessary, filter exchanges are equally easy.
And it cleans more than a pitcher or faucet water filter before it needs replacement

How to change the filter in a Whirlpool refridgerator

It is common knowledge that filters in refrigerators need to be changed in regular intervals, mostly every 6 months. If you miss the time to replace the filter the result may be less than desirable water or ice quality from your fridge. If you think that the original filters are too expensive, you can buy Read more

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How long can I use a refridgerator water filter?

A refrigerator water filter needs regular replacements. That is a cost you need to take into account when deciding for a type of water filter. The filters come with a recommendation for filter life by the manufacturer. The average time you can use the filter according to this is six months for most filters, in Read more

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