How much Chloride (CL-) is too much?

chloride in water can cause health problems

While certain amounts of Chloride in your blood are important balance the amount of fluid inside and outside of your cells, too much Chloride in your drinking water might be a problem not only because of the salty taste.

If your water contains more than 250mg per liter Chloride it no longer meets the Secondary Standard of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the main federal law that governs the quality drinking water in the US.

But even if the amount of salt in your water is lower you might want to further reduce it i.e. if you suffer from high blood pressure and are on a low sodium diet or plan to use the water for your baby.

High levels of Chloride in your house water system can also lead to pitting corrosion of metal pipes and fixtures.

How to treat water containing too much Chloride?

Two techniques are available to eliminate Chloride from water: Distillation and reverse osmosis.

Both treatment techniques also solve a lot of other water quality problems. You might want to check which one suits your needs best in also addressing your other water impurities.