Glass Water Filter Pitchers Reviewed

Desperately looking for a glass water filter pitcher?

Let’s take a look at what is available today.

It is a short list and we review all 6 filter pitchers made from glass.

While there are more models available now than a few years ago, finding a pitcher with a good water filter is still a challenge.

Kor Water Fall
Holds 4 cups
Tested to NSF 42
Capacity: 80 gal
Soma Filter Carafe
Holds 6 cups
Tested to NSF 42, 53
Capacity: 40 gal
Lifestraw Home Glass
Holds 7 cups
No NSF certificate
Capacity: 40 gal
Invirogated Water pH REPLENISH small
Holds 4 cups
No NSF certificate
Capacity: 105 gal
Dafi UP Crystal Glass
Holds 4 cups
No NSF certificate
Capacity: 40 gal
Ecobud Gentoo Glass
Holds 4 cups
No NSF certificate
Capacity: 158 gal

Water Fall by KOR

Water Fall by KOR

The Water Fall by KOR, a set of filter and two glass carafes, is indeed a great looking item. The size is just right to fit under most kitchen counter cabinets.

The filter is hanging over the the carafe and has a small handle to open and close it. You can exchange one full carafe with the second one included.

The filter made from coconut shells lasts up to 80 gallons (about 4 months). That is noticeable longer than the average pitcher filter can deliver.

A big plus is the NSF 42 certification they try to get at the moment, that gives just a little bit more confidence in the claims of contaminant removal. Intended to use with tap water this filter removes chlorine, chloramines, bad taste and odors.

If you want additional glass carafes, they are available separately. But remember, you get two with the filter for a start already.

The reservoir holds 4 cups of unfiltered water, the same amount as the carafes. That makes it really easy to use. You just need to fill the reservoir once and place the carafe under it. No refilling the reservoir while you wait for one carafe to fill up.

Stand and filter housing are made from BPA-free ABS and SAN.


  • Carafe and filter are independent.
  • Certified to NSF 42 standard.
  • Extra carafe included.


  • High price
  • 4 cups only

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Soma 6-Cup Filter Glass Carafe

soma1Everyone's taste is different, but I like the hourglass shape of the glass jug with filter. It is easy to hold and handle, fits into the fridge and looks great on the kitchen counter or table. The German design is shatter resistant and it holds 6 glasses of water.

The filter can clean about 40 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.

The Soma filter is WQA certified to NSF standards 53 and 42 backing up the companies claims to remove mercury, chlorine, taste and odor, zinc, and copper.

There was a problem with the filter getting moldy in the past. The new, improved filter with ion exchange resin hopefully solved the problem. While the old filter was bio-degradable, this is no longer true for the current model.


  • Range of contaminants reduced.
  • Certified to NSF 42, 53 standards.


  • High price

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Lifestraw Home Glass Water Pitcher

Lifestraw Home Glass Water Filter Pitcher
The Lifestraw Home glass filter pitcher is the latest addition to the well known Lifestraw water filter line.

The removal ability is quite impressive. The combination of a micro filter with activated carbon and ion exchange can handle a lot of different contaminants like micro plastic, lead, and chemicals.

While the micro filter lasts about one year (or 264 gallons), the lifespan of the activated carbon/ion exchange cartridge is much shorter. Without a filter replacement reminder, Lifestraw suggests a change every two months or whenever you notice a change in water taste.

Noticeable is the small diameter. This pitcher fits into your refrigerator door easily. And the easy fill lid really earned this name. It opens automatically when you refill from your tap.

Unfortunately, the company only offers a 30 day warranty for their products. Contrary to other companies, they also do not have a recycle program in place, yet.


  • Published filtration results.
  • Essential minerals are not filtered out.


  • No NSF certification.

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Invirogated Water pH REPLENISH Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invirogated-Water-pH-REPLENISHThe Invirogated Water pH REPLENISH Glass filter pitcher got the Red Dot Product Design Award and if you don’t want to use is to filter your water, it doubles as infuser.

The tap water you fill in does not flow through the filter like with most other models. The filter is a small pouch with beads you insert into the stainless steel sieve hanging in the water.

There is no reminder, so you will have to keep track of how often you filled the pitcher. A bit inconvenient in my eyes.
While the Invirogated Water pH REPLENISH comes in two sizes, some customers complain about the larger version shattering easily.

Although the company shows the WQA logo on the website, a search in the WQA database for the manufacturer did not show any results. That does not instill confidence.

They make up for this a bit by providing a 60 days money back guarantee if you buy directly from their online shop. Amazon customers on the other hand have to rely on Amazon’s return policy only.


  • You can use the pitcher to make fruit infused water.
  • It produces alkaline water.


  • No public test results available.

If your tap water is clean enough to drink and you just want it to be more alkaline, go for this beautiful jug.

It probably is also fine if you just have taste and odor issues. For removal of harmful contaminants, I would not want to rely on this model.

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Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Glass Water Pitcher

Dafi-Alkaline-Crystal-Filter-PitcherI mention the Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Glass Water Pitcher here, but it should not be on a “Best of” List.

The Polish company claims the raw filter materials come from Germany and “have the necessary quality certificates”. Let's assume this is is true, it does not guarantee that the assembled filter works or tells us anything about reduction rates.

The pitcher is relatively small and high priced. It comes in a lot of different colors, though.

And in the lid you have a LED filter indicator you can connect to your phone via their app.

Nice gimmick. Do you need another app on your phone just to check on your water filter while at work?


  • Available in various colors.
  • LED filter indicator is integrated in lid.
  • Filter raises water’s pH level.


  • Small base with wider filter compartment makes it prone to tipping over.
  • Pitcher holds only 4 cups filtered water.
  • High price for a non-certified product.

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Ecobud Gentoo Glass Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Ecobud Gentoo Glass FilterThe Australian made Ecobud Gentoo Glass pitcher is designed for easy cleaning and handling. You can take the lid off completely to clean or use the small opening to fill the reservoir.

Integrated in the lid is a filter change reminder, so you know when a change is due.

The 6-stage filter lasts up to six months and can clean 158 gallons tap water.

Ecobud claims that the filter can reduce a wide range of contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride. But they do not publish test results or have their filters certified.


  • The pitcher is easy to clean.
  • Filters last relatively long.
  • It produces alkaline water.


  • No filter tests available.

While I know that activated carbon, KDF and ion exchange are valid filtration methods that work, you simply have to believe the company’s claims at the moment.

I contacted their support and asked if they have any proof to their filtration claims. Unfortunately, I did not get an answer. That is in line with complains of other customers online: Support is not responsive.

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Some time ago the Brita Edition Premium Glass Water Filter Jug was available in the UK, but as far as I know, never in the US.  Although customers all seemed to be happy to have a glass versus a plastic container for their filtered water, some complained about rusting metal parts and  a too delicate design for a glass pitcher.

It seems that most water filter pitchers are still made from some kind of plastic material and a few of stainless steel.

Health minded people and parents with children keep looking for glass filter jugs as they do not really trust the advertising that suggests BPA-free automatically means healthier.


The choice of glass water filter pitchers is still limited. If filtration matters, you have the choice between the two up-prized models, the Kor Water Fall or Soma Carafe.

Please contact us if you know of any glass pitchers with filter not mentioned here.

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