How to Drill a Faucet Hole in a Granite Countertop

Reverse osmosis and other under sink water filters usually come with an extra faucet. If you not already have an extra hole in your counter-top, here are some hints on how to achieve this.

If your counter is made from granite or something similarly hard, you will need a diamond core drill bit, a motor drill with variable speed, a suction ring or something similar to hold the coolant and water as coolant.  It is important to drill very slowly to keep the temperature low.

Warning: A hammer drill is not the right tool for this job! Do not use it.

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Measure
  2. Start drilling with the diamond core bit and apply the proper pressure. Drill a just a few millimeters deep.
  3. Put the suction ring around the hole and fill it of water (few millimeters high).
  4. Start drilling again.
  5. Make sure it does not get too hot. Drill slowly and use water for cooling.

If you are more visual, watch the video to see how to do it.