Countertop Filter Systems

With a countertop water filter you always have fresh water on demand, for drinking and cooking.

The filters are bigger than the ones in faucet filters or pitchers. That means less frequent cartridge changes or more gallons per cartridge.

As a result they are a more convenient filter solution than a pitcher or gravity filter system.

You don’ t need to remember to refill the container. Your filtered water comes from your tap anytime you want.

These filters use water pressure and do not rely on gravity. The water passes the filter fast. And because the filters are bigger than the ones in pitchers or faucet filters. That means less frequent cartridge changes or more gallons per cartridge.

For renters of apartments or houses the easy installation and de-installation is a huge plus as well. No need to drill an extra hole into the countertop or damage the kitchen otherwise.

It is as easy as installing a faucet mount filter. You screw them onto the tap after you removed the aerator.

You can expect good removal rates for everything causing bad taste and odor in your water.

While basic models only have an activated charcoal filter, the best countertop filter systems have multi stage filters.

The best removal rates come from countertop reverse osmosis systems.

Countertop Water Filter Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install
  • Choice between filtered and unfiltered water
  • Filters last longer than faucet mount ones


  • Takes up space on the counter
  • Does not fit all types of faucets

Price Range: $40 - 500

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 countertop filter buying guide

Countertop Buyers' Guide

The choice of countertop water filters on the market may be overwhelming.

Every brand states their device uses the lastest technology and is simply the best.

And they make it really difficult to compare the different models.

This is where our water filter buying guide will help. Here you can learn how to choose the best countertop filter for your needs.

In the following section, you will learn what to consider before buying.

What To Consider When Choosing A Countertop Water Filter


Faucet connected with extra spout

A faucet connected countertop filter will sit beside your sink, not far away from your normal faucet.
You can easily fill a glass to drink or a pot to cook and do not need to remember to refill.
Even young children can use them without a problem.

Refill solution

Another type of countertop filters are gravity filters like a Doulton or Berkey. As you refill them by hand, they are not connected to your faucet and can stand anywhere in the house.

If you want to learn more about this type of filter, we created a special section, just for gravity filter systems.


Anything you place on your countertop takes away valuable counter space, especially in small kitchens. That is why you should pay attention to the footprint.

In general, vertical filters have a smaller footprint than horizontal ones.

Take a moment to consider, where you plan to place the new filter and maybe even measure the space you have on the counter.

Contaminant removal or Filtration ability

Most countertop filters use an activated carbon filter to remove bad taste and odor. Even some heavy metals.

If that is all you want your filter to do, you can choose any model we review on our site.

But most people face other water problems as well.

And that is where the filters differ.

Some models can remove chlorine, but no chloramine, often used by public water suppliers to kill bacteria.

Other models also handle fluoride or pesticides.

See, where this is going?

Yes, you better find out what is in your water before you buy any filter. Either by calling your water supplier or testing.

Initial Price and Cost Replacement Filters

Many water filter manufacturers use the same business model as printer manufacturers: Cheap price for the device and high costs for consumables.

So, do not only look at cost of a filter system. Also pay attention to the price of replacement filters.

Because calculation the cost of ownership can be a bit tricky, we do the math for you in our reviews.


No water filter lasts forever - but there are huge differences in capacity.

If you don't mind taking your filter apart every other month, you can go with any model.

Busy parents or professionals on the other hand may want a filter that requires less work.

On average, countertop filters last three months, but some models are good for 18 months. A huge difference.

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