Why You Might Want To Use A Water Filter At Home

water filtration at homeWater is an important part of our daily diet. More than 50% of our total body weight is water. Our body needs it to regulate temperature, to make nutrients accessible, lubricate joints, moisten tissue i.e. in your throat and many other processes. Every day we need to replace the amount of water we loose by drinking. To stay healthy the water we consume better be free from contaminants like bacteria and viruses, carcinogenic chemicals or simply bad taste.

Before you buy a purification system for your water, there are a few things you should consider to be able to make the best possible decision when it comes to selecting the right product for your needs. We at Water Filter HQ aim to provide you with the background knowledge to give you a choice of systems, brands and water purification techniques. It all started when our family moved to an area without a save and clean water supply. Overwhelmed by the amount of choices and without a clear idea of what we really needed, we started to write things down.

First time buyer? We have a Water filter guide.

How To Choose The Right Water Filter System

Water quality and the contaminants you want to remove differ widely. Finding answers to the following questions will help you to decide which water filtering system is best for you and your water problems.

What do I need to filter out?

The answer to this question determines which type of filter or combination of filters you may need. If you get your water from the municipal water supply and just have a problem with chlorine taste you would choose a different filter than someone who has his own well and needs to get rid of sediment and make sure the water is safe for drinking.

Testing your water might be a good start. If you know what is in your water you can choose one or more filters to tackle the problem.

If you have someone in your household who is sensitive to certain contaminants or suffers from a weak immune system additional water filtering might be necessary.

How much water do I have to filter?

Some problems like hard water should be solved by whole house filters while others can be solved with counter top filters or even pitchers.

Family size and babies or small children in your family might also influence your decision.

Depending on your answer, you would i.e. look for a

Do you live in your own house or do you rent your place?

While house owners might be willing to invest in a whole house system and the installation by a plumber, renters prefer a solution that is easy to remove in case they change location.